3D Print Filaments

3D Print Filaments – Innofil3d, high quality, free shipping

Here is a listing of the 3D Print Filaments preferred by the majority involved in 3D print work, who appreciate high quality and unbeatable value. With fast, friendly service 3D Print of North America (3D Print NA) delivers a range of professional 3d filaments. We have Inofil3d filaments, pro filament such as PET CF (PET with carbon fiber), Polypropylene (PP) and professional series PRO1. There’s a wide assortment of colors to meet your projects designed style. Additionally a verity of 3d printer filaments including ABS filament, PLA filament and PET filament. Because these product lines have varying properties, strengths and capabilities there’s one applicable to your engineered production. Detailed, technical write ups of these characteristics are available on our Material Data page.

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