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3D Filament the Choice Filaments for the Majority of Makers

In 2018, BASF, the largest chemical company in the world acquired Innofil3D, a manufacturer of high quality and versatile 3D filament. On April 23, 2018, at the RAPID + TCT Event in Fort Worth Texas, BASF, Innofil3D and 3D Print of North America, Inc. announced a collaborative effort to make Innofil3d filaments readily available to you. As an exclusive distributor of Innofil3D filaments in North America, we (3DPrintNA) have merged our immense marketing and fulfillment capabilities with the premium products manufactured by Innofil3D to provide the end-user with an unprecedented experience in the industry. Delivering to you 3d printer filament, including pro filament, Polypropylene (PP) and the PETCF (PET with carbon fiber).

High Quality Filaments

3D Print of North America, Inc (3DPrintNA) provides an expansive array of 3D printing filaments including high end products. Filaments such as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), and high quality PLA filaments which provide smooth performance and sharp craftsmanship. Our 3D printer filament is sealed with desiccant, and is precision manufactured on computerized, state of the art production machines to assure consistent diameter and quality. With our 3D filament, you will never have to worry about failed printing as a result of extruder jams.

We inspect every reel to make sure that they meet or exceed our high quality standards. As a result, our filament consistently comes off the reel smoothly and cleanly. The precision manufacturing process also assures that our filament will not have brittle spots, and will not jam or clog.

Because we know that you want your 3D printing models to look fantastic, our filament colors are bright, vibrant and unaltered by temperature. The color you see on the reel will be the color of the model, every time. Please review all our products to see a broad range of vibrant colors!

Quality Confidence

At 3dPrintNA.com, we stand behind the high quality of our filament with such confidence that we offer a Reel Replacement Guarantee. With our Reel Replacement Guarantee, if you experience any problem with one our filaments, we will replace your reel for free. Once you experience the quality and reliability of Innofil3D filaments, we are confident that you will make 3DPrintNA.com your only source for 3D printer filaments!

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